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Welcome to our online shop, we hope you enjoy our range of pure, premium quality health, beauty and wellness products. Each item has been carefully selected based upon immense scientific research to ensure the quality, health benefits and price are exceptional and the best that the market can provide. As we believe that looking after your health shouldn’t be considered as a luxury and it should not have to cost an arm and a leg. Therefore, we pride ourselves on the delivery of high-quality products at the most affordable prices.

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Agglomerated Collagen vs Hydrolyzed Collagen

The ‘Hydrolyzed’ in Hydrolyzed Collagen hints at the production process used to optimize the body’s ability to absorb the amino acids in the collagen. The process involves the breaking up of the long protein chains to form shorter protein particles or amino acid. This process of hydrolysis leads to short peptides, some of which are bioactive or stimulating of bodily functions. Without this process, the body would not be able to absorb the collagen as the molecules would be too large for the body to accept and fully utilize.

The “Agglomerated” in agglomerated Collagen takes things one step further, after the collagen has been hydrolyzed the product is put through a process that causes the natural re-building of the amino acids, through the addition of water. This promotes the clustering of the amino acids. Which naturally arranges the collagen into highly bio-available micro-cluster of collagen.

The Hydrolyzed collagen is advisable to those who:

  • Don’t mind a slight beefy/ gelatine taste.
  • Have a tighter budget.
  • Do not have any digestion issues.

The Agglomerated collagen is advisable to those who:

  • Don’t mind spending a bit extra.
  • Prefer their collagen as tasteless as possible.
  • Struggle with digestive issues.
Our collagen is the type 1 collagen which means it’s made from bovine hide
Yes, only the agglomerated collagen is. Please email us: info@evogenic.co.za should you require a copy of the certificate.
1kg should last just under 2 months, depending on what dose you choose to take, to obtain the result you desire. Please view our collagen products page for more instructions on dosages and supplementing in increments to avoid stomach aches.
Please go to our collagen products page to view dosage instructions for more info.
Collagen is non allergenic, which means it does not cause an allergic reaction. As long as you do not have any preexisting protein sensitivity you should see no side effects. Many clients do experience a stomach ache if they do not supplement in increments when starting collagen, this is due to the collagens' density and will not last.
The collagen is safe to have during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In fact, the collagen has benefits post pregnancy, such as aiding skins re-elasticity and helping reduce stretch marks. I would however, watch your protein intake, and as always consult your health care practitioner before taking any health product or supplement.
Although collagen aids weight loss it is not the entire solution. The collagen can aid your weight loss journey as the collagen helps curb cravings, keeps you feeling full and provides you with longer-lasting energy. But supplementing must be coupled with clean eating and exercise in order to show results.

The time for each person may vary, the key to collagen supplementing is consistency. Supplementing every day religiously will show results within 3 to 6 months.

Short term results (6- 8 weeks): better sleeping patterns, stronger hair and nails, more energy, weight loss, softer more hydrated skin, lean muscle mass gain, improved gut health and improvement in aches and pains.

Long term results (6 months +): wrinkle reduction, hair regrowth, reduction of arthritis pain, old injuries may heal, and so much more.

Depending on how oily your skin is both evening and night or just once a day. Apply the serum directly to clean damp skin, as the molecules need direct contact with your skin and water to function correctly.
The serum works for as long as it is in contact with your skin. It is an age prevention and hydration serum, that should show results within the first week.
The compounds in the serum are natural lab-grown substances that are exceptionally safe to apply to the skin.
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